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SE 2501

Multi-stage indirect heat & dry decomposition process

SE 2501

Ideal for larger requirements, the SE-2501 is made for large scale food courts, IT campuses, fast-food franchises, convention centres, hospitals, institutional canteens, flight caterers etc. It has a capacity to handle 125 kg to 250 kg of food waste input.

Specifications Case Studies
Model SE-2501
Processing method Multi-stage indirect heat & dry decomposition process
Design type Stand-alone, portable
Input Capacity/Batch 125 - 250 Kg
Processing time 15 -18 hours
Power consumption 6 Kw
Dimension 1600*1100*1120 (W*D*H in mm)
Weight 650 Kg
Material Durable stainless steel (SS-304)
Average Reduction 83 – 90%
Power Requirement 3 phase, 50Hz, 415V
Safety Feature The internal impeller automatically stops when the hopper door is opened
Odour Treatment Integrated deodorisation and foul odour control
Installation No need for special installation or exhaust ventilation
Treatable Items Food waste and all compostable disposables
Untreatable Items Metal waste, plastic, glass, petrochemicals..
Automation Controls 4" touch screen, Fully automatic PLC Controlled
Warranty 1 year manufacturers Standard warranty

Case Study

  • Around 250 Kg food waste to be converted daily
  • They had only around 50 sqft of area in which food waste converter machine needed to be set up
  • Resort is set up on top of a hill so temperature may drop at any time
  • As temperature drops bacteria based machines will function slow
  • The resort was on top of a hill and the installation area was very small for any 250 kg machine.
  • Our machine as such could not be taken to the location
  • Waste segregation was required for almost all other waste processing machines
  • Man power issues for segregating organic waste
  • No smell should come from the machine as it is an apartment
  • We gave our 250Kg machine to solve the problem
  • Our machine uses only 1.4m2 space
  • No waste segregation is required in our machine
  • Time taken for our process was only 12-15 hours which was attractive for them
  • So we had to assemble the machine in that small area
  • We dismantled our machine and reassembled at the location
  • As our machine is not bacteria based it can work at any temperature
  • Output can be used as soil supplement
  • Waste was processed in our machine without any smell or sound on their terrace
  • Environment friendly
  • Easy solution in small space

We had plenty of options in the market to choose from, for our waste management setup. Our main concerns were the leakage of odour and low temperatures of the hillside. Many players backed out because of our proposed location of installation, which is few floors down the ground level and carrying huge machine to that level was near to impossible. Low temperature too became big challenge for bacteria based systems which were in existence.

Solwearth took up the challenge and gave us exactly what we needed. Their product works like a charm in our chilly climate without producing any kind of odour. Their dedicated service team was very professional and courteous. It takes us only about 12 hours to finish the daily processing of waste weighing around 250 Kgs, and it was a huge bonus for us. I recommend Solwearth. They are the best

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