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The SE Food Waste Converter does not require ANY additional products such as wood chips, chemicals, or charcoal to be added to the waste. It also consumes NO fresh water and does not discharge any “dirty water” to sanitary. As mentioned above, the only discharge from the unit is the “Sterile Biomass” and a few gallons of condensate runoff from the condenser unit.

Comparison of SE with other product

Specification Solwearth Bio culture Type Aerobic digester Bacteria Based
Processing method Multistage indirect heat &
dry decomposition process
Bio culture Aerobic digester indirect heat and installation of patented thermophillic bacteria
Composting Culture Nill Bacteria bed inside

Need moisture absorbent if wet
Saw dust mixed with special bacteria culture Bacteria bed inside
Design type Stand alone, Portable Stand alone Stand alone Stand alone
Processing time 15 to 18 Hours depending on the wetness of waste. 24 to 48 Hours depending on the wetness of waste. 24 to 48 Hours depending on the wetness of
24 to 48 Hours depending on the wetness of waste.
Average reduction ratio 90 % 90% 90% 90 %
Output Soil Supplement Compost Compost Compost
Harmful discharge Nill, only reusable clean water discharged Carbon dioxide and water vapour released. Continuous air intake and outlet venting needed. Vapour and waste water discharged
Crushing and Dewatering system Not required Required Required Required
Input capacity 100 to 300 kg 250 kg 250 kg 250 kg
Odour treatment inbuilt      
Treatable Items Food waste, Garden waste, bio gas slurry, Animal bones, Fish waste, Egg shells etc Small size food waste Small size food waste Small size food waste
Untreatable Items Metal waste, Plastic, Glass, Petrochemicals.. Metal waste, Plastic, Glass, Petrochemicals.. Metal waste, Plastic, Glass, Petrochemicals.. Metal waste, Plastic, Glass, Petrochemicals..
Power Requirement 3 Phase, 50Hz,415V      
Material All parts and body in SS
MS body with Coating GI GI
A fully automatic machine which convert all kind of organic waste into soil supplement without any additives.
You can expect a 90% reduction in volume. Weight reduction will be determined on the type of waste. Typical volume reduction will be in the 70 to 90 % reduction range.
All organic and compostable materials can go into a SE Food Waste Converter.
The system is designed to absorb the odour during operation. However it may emit a very low order resembling the cooking smell at times which is very much bearable. It effectively manages odour through activated charcoal air filters and a super-heated exhaust.
Materials like Spoons will not damage the machine if not in large numbers. But make sure that your are removing them after the cycle. It is always advised to avoid putting such materials into the machine.
You could spread it on the grounds of your premises, at your residence, or to a composting facility as manure or send it to the landfill. Because the end product is 95% dry, it is very Another option is to mix with natural soil so that it will get composted if few days time.
Not at all. During the cycle, the waste is heated and serlized over 12 hours, killing all bacteria and seeds which were present in the input.
Nothing need to be added to the system for processing the food waste. If you are depositing high volume of Oily waste, it is recommended to add a portion of green leafs, Cardboard bits or tissue papers to absorb the oil content.
You are advised to fill only up to the agitator level to attain maximum efficiency. Over loading will prolong the process time and can even damage the inbuilt sensors
For medium wet waste you can expect around 25 to 30 Liters of water per 100 Kgs during a process of 12 hours duration.
No. You are not suppose to open the door during the process. This will delay the process cycle to a longer period. The system is programmed to achieve optimum performance.
Since you are using different types of food waste, It is recommended to carry out a soil analysis to determine what to be added to convert the output suitable for soil application or to be used as fertilizer. We can assist you in carrying out the analysis if needed.
You can use any containers or bins to collect the output from the machine. See that the container fits below the discharge chute.
The units are 3 phase 415 volt. Refer our specification sheets.
All units have casters for easy mobility. The higher capacity units need to be stationary as they are to be hard wired.
The drain line should run to any available floor drain. If there is no floor drain provide containers with enough capacity to store the water discharged during operation. Higher capacity machines may need pumping system to transfer the water to available drain. Please contact our technical department for more information
No. By adding additional waste to the unit during a cycle, the unit will not be able to generate a dry batch in the given run time. If you need to add more waste, you have to restart the cycle.
We would recommend filter screen cleaning before every cycle.
No, the unit dehydrates and grinds the food waste producing soil like granules which is an ideal soil supplement. The output can be considered as a neutral biomass since it has been sterilized for several hours. The output will complete the composting process when mixed with natural soil and rehydrated.
The display shows the time remaining for the cycle to complete. The parameters are preset from the factory, no additional input required from customer side. In case of any error the unit will shut down automatically.
If the output shows wetness you have to run the cycle for few more hours. This happens due to high water content in the waste deposited. This may be due to opening the top door during operation. Opening of the door during cycle will affect the programmed sequence and may not deliver the desired dry output This may delay the original process and result in an unfinished output.
Yes, you can use a good waste shredder before depositing to waste Converter which will crush the waste and give a volume reduction near to 50%. We recommend this if the quantity of input is higher than the machine capacity.
There is no cleaning needed for the tank. Periodic buildup on the auger may be removed for better performance.
No, You have to wait till the cooling cycle also completes. If the cooling cycle is not performed the chamber will have high steam presence which may result in burns to the operator.
Yes. The output is well sterilized killing harmful pathogens, bacteria, seeds etc.
No experts required to operate the machine. Fill your unit to the specified fill height, close all your doors, power the unit, and then, press start on the touch screen. Just follow the instructions appearing on the screen thereafter.